5 Reasons to Install an Audio System On Your Motorcycle

When you think of motorcycle upgrades and modifications, a stereo system probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind. But having a motorcycle audio system on your bike can open up a whole new world of opportunities, making your ride more enjoyable. To learn more about the reasons why you should install one, keep reading.

1. Makes Long Trips More Enjoyable

Tired of listening to nothing but silence when riding your motorcycle across long stretches of highway? There are times when the silence is nice, or even peaceful, but there are other times when it can be deafening. Something as simple as a stereo system, however, will make those long bike rides just a little more enjoyable by allowing you to listen to music on those long trips.

2. Increase Your Motorcycle's Resale Value

Installing a sound system will almost certainly boost your motorcycle's selling value. If and when you decide to sell your bike, you'll generally get more for it if it contains a sound system. Buyers pay close attention to luxurious features such as this, shelling out big bucks if a bike contains them. You have to think of an audio system as an investment that will pay off later down the road. Sure, there are some initial costs associated with installing it, but the value it adds to your motorcycle makes it well worth it.

3. GPS Navigation

One of the lesser-known benefits of installing a motorcycle audio system is its ability to work in conjunction with GPS devices. If you don't know the directions to your destination, for instance, you can look it up on your smartphone's GPS and connect your handset to your stereo system via Bluetooth. Rather than looking down at your smartphone every couple of minutes, you can keep your eyes focused on the road while listening to the GPS coordinates through your bike's stereo system.

4. Make Your Motorcycle Show-Worthy

If you're planning on participating in a motorcycle competition show, you'll want to deck out your bike with features like an audio system. Judges look for upgrades such as this, rating bikes higher if they contain them. There's no guarantee that you'll win the event just by installing an audio system, but it's a simple way to make your bike more appealing to judges and attendees alike.

5. Outdoor Audio Entertainment

With an audio system installed on your motorcycle, you can listen to music anytime you are outside doing yard work. Whether you're mowing the lawn, washing your car, pressure washing the side of your home, etc., turn on your bike's stereo for instant entertainment value.

Written by UNiQ Cycle Sounds of

2nd Feb 2016

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