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Rocker Rags launched in 2010, by true fans of both music and fashion. We feature your favorite music inspired fashion brands including Chaser, Recycled Karma, Lauren Moshi, Daydreamer with officially licensed graphics of your favorite band and musical artists from all genres of rock music including classic rock, hard rock, punk rock, new wave, heavy metal, and alternative rock/grunge.  You'll also find the lifestyle brands you love including Maui and Sons, Original Penguin and even vintage Swatch watches.

Our founder, Lando, brings an extensive knowledge of music and experience in both fashion and music. He, personally, writes each of the blog posts featured on Rocker Rags, which you can find here. Furthermore, all of the products offered for sale are specifically chosen because of their mark in music history and feature a 100+ word description to explain their important history, whether it’s a band logo, an album cover, or a concert tour.

Rocker Rags prides itself on being in the customer service industry first and the music industry second. We strive to make each purchase a memorable and elegant experience. If you ever have any questions or concerns, we are easily accessible by phone, Live Chat, and e-mail, which you can submit to us below.  (We even respond after business hours and weekends whenever possible.)

We thank you for visiting Rocker Rags – a site devoted to contemporary fashion with a music edge.

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