Wildlife in the City of Toronto

I've lived in Toronto, Canada all of my life. I don't think I'd ever want to live anywhere else. One of the things that I really love about my city is that we don't have to go out to the country to see the wildlife. By wildlife, I'm not just talking about raccoons, skunks etc. I'm talking about wildlife like coyotes, wolves deer and the occasional bear.

Lately, the amount of sightings has been absolutely incredible. We live in a very heavy populated area. And we actually had a deer racing down the street during the day. Then that evening we saw another one race in another part of the city to get to the park setting on the other side of the road. We have even had deer sightings in the downtown core near office buildings.

In another area of the GTA, we have had bear sightings. These aren't that common at all, but lately they have been happening. Its all because we are building up the country areas and the animals have no where to go to find food so they keep travelling south. Now the deer live here in the city as do coyotes and wolves.

We have coywolves which are another breed of wolves which bred with the coyotes. They are bigger than the coyotes but smaller than wolves. We have them hiding out around apartment buildings and homes especially areas which are populated with lots of dogs and cats. 

We have lots of ravines here in the city which is where the deer and the coyotes live. At dusk and dawn they come out and check out the other areas to see what they can find to eat. There are many areas near me that we can drive to and watch the deer eating. Its quite exciting to be able to see this. This is something that I think everyone should have the chance to experience. Seeing these animals in their natural setting is a lot better than seeing them in zoos etc. 

If you live in an area with lots of deer crossing signs, wait till dusk and just hide out quietly to see what comes out around that tme. You might just be pleasantly surprised.


Written by Joy Herdman of
Joy Herdman has been in retail since 1997.

13th Jul 2015

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