Why Women Love Tassel Necklaces

Women and jewelry are two best friends. When there is a woman, then there must be jewelry of a kind that she wears from necklaces, earring, ring or any kind of jewelry. The beauty that this item has is something that most women love to have, although every woman will have different preference on the type of jewelry they like to wear

Some choose to wear necklaces and for this type of jewelry itself, there are so many models or necklaces variations to choose, including tassel necklaces.

This is the type of necklace that dangling from the necklace head, usually made of small cords or bunch of threads. It surely the kind of necklaces that stand out from the crowd. This kind of necklaces will spice up the entire look of the wearer, although she only wears simple dress. It is also can be used to different occasion from small and intimate party to a more casual occasion with friends and family, although it will depend on the style of the necklace.

What makes tassel necklaces is lovable, is because people can actually made it on their own. People can made it from different kind of material they found in a craft store and made it into something according to what they have in mind. It can be made from different material from colored stone, chain, metallic, colorful beads and even colorful cotton. The style of the necklace will greatly varied by the design made up by the crafter. Some like to make it into something more casual with bohemian style while other made it into something that look sparkling in the night by making it from gold chain combined with precious stone.

Tassel jewelry has been quite a trend for a couple of years, and it looks like that it will keep that way for some time, so it will be nice to have this cute jewelry hanging around. What style and design to choose is totally based on people personal preference. Just make sure to choose the design that match perfectly with the kind of dress that people plan to wear. It will be nice to have at least two kind of design, one with casual design and the other is something that goes well for formal occasion. Tassel necklaces is one simple and easy way to transform the whole look of a woman in every occasion whether its formal or non formal, so lets have one of those.

Written by Budivis of
Fashion jewellery designer in Bali

7th Feb 2016

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