Nine Inch Nails Announces Release of New EP, 'Bad Witch,' and US Tour

Nine Inch Nails Announces Release of New EP,  'Bad Witch,' and US Tour

Nine Inch Nails recently announced the latest release of their new album, Bad Witch, an EP with six new songs that’s set to debut on June 22. The band also released dates for their US tour of Cold and Black and Infinite that begins this fall with the opening act performance by Jesus and Mary Chain.

Bad Witch is the third and final installment to a trilogy that first began in 2016. Originally hoping each album’s release date would be only 8 months apart, the completion of the trilogy took longer than the band expected. The project first began in December 2016 with the album, Not the Actual Events, and took a long pause until June 2017 when the band released Add Violence. Nine Inch Nails band leader Trent Reznor blames the delay for Bad Witch on creative roadblocks. He says Add Violence, “felt too predictable. It felt like we were forcing things. Musically and storytelling-wise. The reason this has been delayed is because it took us a while for -- what has become the third EP -- to reveal itself to us.”

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Bad Witch is most certainly worth the wait for fans with six new songs that deliver a new twist on the classic NIN sound. Here’s the tracklist:

  1. "Shit Mirror"
  2. "Ahead of Ourselves"
  3. "Play the Goddamned Part"
  4. "God Break Down the Door"
  5. "I’m Not From This World"
  6. "Over and out"

NIne Inch Nails Tour Dates

NIN kicks off their US tour to support Bad Witch, the Cold and Black and Infinite tour, on September 13th at the Comerica Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona. The tour is currently scheduled to run through December 12 when it wraps up in Los Angeles. The band has chosen a unique process for ticket sales - all pre-sale tickets will be sold in-person at the various venue locations. Nine Inch Nails opts for the in-person pre-sale tickets to decrease their contribution to the second-hand ticket market. "The promise of a world made better by computing and online connectivity has failed us in many ways, particularly when it comes to ticketing,” the band states on their website with complaints on how the only real person who benefits from the second-hand ticket sale is the reseller.

NIN hopes that their choice to do pre-sale tickets on-site at venue locations pleases fans overall, but they acknowledge the potential for fans’ disapproval, “We've decided to try something different that will also likely suck, but in a different way. We're hoping many of you will be happy with the results, while some may do what they always do and bitch about it." You can find all Cold and Black and Infinite tour dates on the Nine Inch Nails website. 

29th May 2018 Lando

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