Kiss launches Cold Gin, a new product named after their 1974 song written by former member Ace Frehley

KISS have launched Cold Gin.

Ok, some of you fans of KISS are saying wait a minute - they released Cold Gin back in 1974.  It's a track on their debut album, and it was written by former member Ace Frehley.

This isn't the song being referenced here. The band has actually released a liquor called Cold Gin which is inspired by the song.  Ironically, for a band whose leading members, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, always sort of looked down on the rock n roll excess of drinking and drugs, Cold Gin is the second alcoholic KISS branded beverage, following the release of their rum, back in 2021.

Never one to downplay their achievements, Cold Gin, according to Paul Stanley "is the one to bring. Like the song, this one’s a classic!”  

The packaging is really unique featuring an homage to both the band and their hometown of New York City.  With elegant gold and silver details, each band member is visible on each side of the Brooklyn Bridge while other images of New York City landmarks and the Manhattan skyline fill out the remaining tributes.  There is a gold disc on the bottle, which sits on top of an art deco design inspired by Gene Simmons' Demon boots.

KISS' Cold Gin is available now.

22nd Mar 2022 Lando

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