The Importance of Backgrounds for Every Photographer

It can be effectively said that the Mona Lisa was not created in an afternoon. While modern camera technologies enable contemporary photographers to defy Leonardo Da Vinci’s formidable efforts in a single session, the fact is that challenges still exist.

The Renaissance shaped exceptional portraiture with the introduction of the one point perspective in background. Today, professional photographers acknowledge that the right background is essential to creating the best conditions for the lighting and exhibition of the subject.

Without the proper background, a shoot may result in unexpected outcomes.

Finding the Right Background Support Kit

Background support kits come in paper, cloth and vinyl backdrops. Backdrops can present technical challenges to photographers. With easy-to-assemble background support kits, photographers are able to set up and shoot in minutes.

Whether you are setting up to shoot a family portrait, product series, or a professional model, a background support kit allows for modification of a backdrop to suit any photographic engagement.

Cloth or vinyl backgrounds can enhance the aesthetic results of a photo session. The right background support kit will make a difference in the integrity of the images on production. Rendering consistency in flash and background reflection is important. Depending on the texture and weight of the cloth or vinyl, the ability to hang a background flat is key.

Some photographers will change a background during a shoot to establish different lighting conditions and ambience according to the client’s request. With a self-assembled background support kit, those adjustments can be made without delay.

Setting-up the Shoot

Photographers usually have limited time during a shoot to set up and adjust backdrop sets. Flexible and lightweight, an easy-to-assemble background support kit for cloth and vinyl backdrops are some of the most highly sought after tools used by professional photographers.

With the right instructions, a shoot backdrop can be installed in almost in any location. If it includes hardware and universal fittings, a background support kit can be portable for photographers on-the-go.

A background support kit reduces time to shoot.

Assembly Guide for a Background Support Kit in Cloth or Vinyl

1. Remove the telescope bar head from the screw-end.

2. Insert the cloth or vinyl in the telescope bar head, and screw the bar head back on.

3. Hang the background roll up.

4. Clamp to prevent the cloth or vinyl from dropping.

Written by Sheng Ye of
Founder of PES.

27th Jul 2015

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