Metallica Whiskey

Metallica announced plans for developing their own brand of whiskey by teaming up with former distiller, Dave Pickerell, from Maker’s Mark. No one expected this, but we’re not complaining!

Metallica and Pickerell are considering three locations for their new distillery: “San Francisco, the home of Metallica; Louisville, the home of bourbon; and Nashville, the home of music. One of those three seems to make sense,” Pickerell told Whiskycast. “I'm voting for San Francisco and the Bay Area, if nothing falls apart.”

“With their platform, they have a huge reach. … I think it’s going to be exciting for the whiskey business,” says Danny Wimmer, producer of the annual Bourbon & Beyond whiskey and music festival. After all, heavy metal and whiskey mix together very well. In the past, dozens of musicians and bands have teamed up with liquor brands including Iron Maiden, Motorhead, ACDC, The Rolling Stones, and KISS.

Metallica previously launched a branded edition of beer with Budweiser, but they will be the first band to have their own distillery.

13th Mar 2018 Lando

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