Is Seasonal Shedding Real? Or Are We Stuck With the Summer Time Blues?

Summer is upon us. Its hot outside and temperatures can go as high as 105-110 degrees Farenheit. Many people notice thinning hair and rapid hair loss.

So is seasonal shedding real? Or are we imagining our hair getting thinner because we are outside in the heat and between the bright sun light and the sweating we never realize that our hair could be falling out at a more rapid rate?

So is there any truth in thinning of the hair during the summer time or is it our imagination? And what can we do to stop the phenomena.

Seasonal Shedding has been reported in a study by the National Institutes of Health. Most notably during the summer time.

"Analysis of trichograms demonstrated annual periodicity in the growth and shedding of hair, manifested by a maximal proportion of telogen hairs in summer."

Part of understanding hair loss is detecting it at an early stage. If we can can treat it early we stand a greater chance of slowing or preventing the entire process. One factor in determining hair loss is the amount of hair falling out on a daily basis. We all have some shedding but hair loss of over 150 a day is considered real hair loss and should be treated as soon as possible. 

A review of your supplements and medications is necessary and seeking medical help is sometiems necessary because underlying medical problems could aggravate your hair loss. Treating early on allows possible reversal of your hair loss.

Since summer is upon us shedding may be a big issue. Feedback from our customers has shown daily use of vitamins will slow or eliminate seasonal shedding. If you are losing hair because of the summer time blues we suggest starting with some type of solution on a daily basis.

And we would suggest seeking treatment from a hair clinic to discuss your hairloss problems.

Written by Dr Larry Shapiro of
Posted by Dr Larry Shapiro developed Help Hair products to nutritionally restore thin, fine, shedding hair.

3rd Dec 2015

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