6 Reasons Why Turkish Peshtemal Are the Most Versatile Towels

Curious as to why turkish peshtemal have the reputation of being the most versatile cotton towels on the market? Here are a few of the most popular uses:

1. Travel

  • 1/3 the weight of a typical bath towel & takes up 1/3 of the space in your bag
  • Dries quicker than a normal towel, so you'll never have to pack a soggy towel again
  • Striking & vibrant colors make it a great beach accessory. Plus it's larger than a typical beach towel, while still remaining lighter & more compact.

2. Bath

  • Roll them up and store them in an open linen shelf
  • They are absorbent and dry much faster than standard terry cloth towels
  • Use them as your daily towel, impress guests with the striking design

3. Beach

  • No more sandy & soggy beach towels... fast drying & they pick up less sand than standard towels
  • Wear it as a sarong, scarf, skirt for walking along the beach/pool
  • Striking & vibrant colors make it a great beach accessory

4. Baby

  • Wrap your bundle of joy up, our towels are made from 100% natural & breathable cotton
  • Sling your baby, use it as a change mat or a light blanket

5. Washing and Care

  • Machine wash warm, up to 100° F (40° C)
  • Tumble dry cool to low heat
  • Feel free to dry clean, just avoid dry cleaners that use trichloroethylene
  • Iron on medium setting 300° F (150° C) and feel free to use the steam setting
  • Don't worry about pulled threads! Our towels are woven, and won't unravel. Just cut off any pulled threads that might appear with a pair of scissors

6. Why Peshtemal?

  1. They get softer with each wash, unlike most cotton towels.

  2. Highly absorbent & fast drying.

  3. Take up less space in the linen closet (and on the road... they travel well).

  4. Use less water, detergent, energy in washing.

  5. They pick up much less sand than traditional terry cloth towels on the beach. 

  6. Perfect for the gym, park, and travel.

  7. Use them as your main towels, guest towels, and for interior decorating.

  8. Did we mention that they are beautiful?

Written by Makin Adaner of
Wants to make everyone aware of this beauty!

21st Oct 2015

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