Rolling Stones Vintage Sleeveless Fashion T-shirt by Trendy and Tipsy - Tongue Logos 50 Years NY, NJ, London. Gray Tank Top Shirt

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Rolling Stones
Trendy and Tipsy
Graphic Tee
One Size Fits All
Cotton and metal
Sleeve Length:
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Our Rolling Stones vintage fashion tshirt, by Trendy and Tipsy, spotlights different versions, of the classic rock band's famous tongue logo, along with 50 Years - New York, New Jersey, London.

The original idea, for the tongue logo, was created by Mick Jagger who told artist John Pasche to copy the out stuck tongue of the Hindu goddess Kali. Since that time, the tongue logo has become exclusively recognizable of the Rolling Stones.

Created from a men's size Large, this one of a kind charcoal gray tee has been re-purposed, by Trendy and Tipsy with cut-off sleeves, replaced with metal chains, on the sleeve line, along with other distressing for a truly exclusive, vintage yet contemporary look and feel.

Because each Trendy and Tipsy re-purposed shirt is a unique one of a kind creation, this t-shirt is made as a ONE SIZE FITS ALL.  Please see image below to get idea of look and fit.

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led-zeppelin-united-states-america-1977-tour-womens-metal-chain-sleeveless-blue-tie-dye-vintage-fashion-concert-tank-top-t-shirt-trendy-tipsy-model.png led-zeppelin-united-states-america-1977-tour-womens-metal-chain-sleeveless-blue-tie-dye-vintage-fashion-concert-tank-top-t-shirt-trendy-tipsy-model-side.png

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