Women's vintage oriented t-shirts featuring your favorite classic popular culture logos, brands, and characters.

Junk Food
This women’s vintage 7Up tshirt, by Junk Food Clothing, spotlights the lemon-lime flavored soft drink’s classic logo and advertising slogan, The Uncola. 7Up’s The Uncola campaign was launched in the late 1960s when teenagers’...
MTV Music Television
Our women's MTV Music Television tshirt features the cable music network's classic advertising slogan I Want My MTV. Originally introduced in 1982, in an effort to get more cable providers to air MTV, the I Want My MTV advertising campaign featured...
MTV Music Television
Our women's vintage MTV tshirt spotlights the cable music television channel's classic logo. First seen in 1981, shortly after MTV's debut, and still used to this day, the iconic MTV logo went through numerous variations, while still maintaining its...
Political T-shirts
Our Barack Obama tshirt features a cartoonish drawing of the 44th President of the United States with the saying Obama is My Homeboy written underneath. This women's black tee is made from 100% soft combed cotton.
Spinal Tap
Our Spinal Tap vintage baseball jersey is from the mock heavy metal band's concert tour for their fictional album, Smell the Glove. Smell the Glove was the album the band promoted and toured in the mocumentary movie, This is Spinal Tap. Released in 1984,...