Famous record label and musical instrument brand t-shirts featuring the logos and artwork from your favorite brands including Capitol Records, Delicious Vinyl, Fender, Gibson, and Zildjian.

Capitol Records
Our Capitol Records tshirt spotlights the classic logo for the legendary recording label.  Originally formed in 1942, Capitol Records was the first West Coast recording label in the United States but was quickly acquired by EMI, the British...
Delicious Vinyl
This men's black fitted 100% cotton tee shirt features the original style logo for Delicious Vinyl, the independent record label that discovered and released some of the most well known groundbreaking Rap & Hip Hop artists of all time, including Tone...
Fender Guitar
This Fender Guitar men's tshirt features the guitar maker's legendary logo created from a paint splotch effect. This 100% cotton tee is navy blue with cream colored graphics.
Fender Guitar
This Fender Guitar men's black tshirt features a star made of daggers, Fender guitars, and the words Fender Battle Axes surrounding a skull. This tee is made from 100% cotton.
Sun Records T-shirt - Sun Record Company Logo T-shirt. Men's Black Shirt
Sun Records
This men's black tshirt features the classic logo for the Sun Record Company, the Memphis, Tennessee based recording label that launched the careers of many of Rock music's best known artists and originators including Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and Roy...