Guns N' Roses Sleeveless Vintage Fashion T-shirt by Trendy and Tipsy - Appetite for Destruction Album Cover | Black Tank Top Shirt

In Stock
Guns N Roses
Trendy and Tipsy
Graphic Tee
One Size Fits All
Cotton and metal
Sleeve Length:
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This Guns N' Roses women's sleeveless vintage fashion tshirt, is a one of a kind handmade creation, by Trendy and Tipsy.

Re-purposed from a vintage men's size Large, this shirt spotlights the artwork seen on the front cover, of Appetite for Destruction, Guns N' Roses' debut studio album, which featured the band's biggest hits, Sweet Child o' Mine, Welcome to the Jungle and Paradise City.

Made into a tank top, by Trendy and Tipsy, our black t-shirt features metal chains, on the sleeve line. 

Because each Trendy and Tipsy re-purposed shirt is a unique one of a kind creation, this t-shirt is made as a ONE SIZE FITS ALL.  Please see image below to get idea of look and fit.

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led-zeppelin-united-states-america-1977-tour-womens-metal-chain-sleeveless-blue-tie-dye-vintage-fashion-concert-tank-top-t-shirt-trendy-tipsy-model.png led-zeppelin-united-states-america-1977-tour-womens-metal-chain-sleeveless-blue-tie-dye-vintage-fashion-concert-tank-top-t-shirt-trendy-tipsy-model-side.png

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