Women's rock concert and tour t-shirts, from your favorite Rock 'n Roll artists, groups and bands.  Many of these ladies' tees include the original show performance dates and locations.

CBGB & Omfug
Our CBGB & Omfug women's tshirt highlights the famous logo from the legendary former New York City music club. CBGB & Omfug, known among music fans as simply CBGBs, opened in 1973 and helped launch the careers of some of the most famous bands and...
David Bowie
This women'’s David Bowie tshirt is from the rock star’'s 1972 World Tour which was performed to support Bowie’'s latest albums at the time: Alladin Sane and Ziggy Stardust and the Invaders from Mars. Dressed in full Ziggy Stardust glam rock costumes and...
Def Leppard
Our women’s classic Def Leppard tank top tshirt is from the English hard rock band's 1981 High n Dry Tour, which was performed to support Def Leppard'’s second studio album, also titled High n Dry. The High n Dry album was originally released in 1981 and...
Jimi Hendrix
Our women's vintage Jimi Hendrix v-neck tshirt is from the classic rock guitarist's 1968 Summer Tour. Although Hendrix is the only 1 credited on this tee, this tour was actually performed as part of the Jimi Hendrix Experience, a full band consisting of...
Jimi Hendrix
Our women's vintage Jimi Hendrix v-neck concert tshirt is from the classic rock guitarist's 1967 summer tour. For these shows, Jimi was actually the opening act for The Monkees and was not well received by the Monkees' audience, as his form of rock was...
This women's vintage Journey concert tank top tshirt is from the band's 1979's concert tour, which was performed to promote their most recent album release at the time: Evolution. Evolution, which was Journey's fifth studio album, reached store shelves...
Led Zeppelin
This Led Zeppelin concert tshirt features the artwork from their classic 1977 US tour. Created with washed out distressed effects to the graphics for a true vintage look and feel, this women's junior tee is made from 100% cotton.
Our Loverboy tank top tshirt is from the classic rock band's 1982 Get Lucky Tour. These series of concerts were performed to promote Loverboy's most recent album, at the time, also titled Get Lucky. Released in 1981, the Get Lucky album was Loverboy's...
This women's vintage black Nirvana concert tshirt is from the Grunge band's early 1990s tour of Japan and features a multi-colored drawing of Nirvana along with both Japanese lettering and the words Number One Rock Music From America. This 100% cotton...
Pink Floyd
This Pink Floyd women's vintage concert tshirt features the artwork seen on the promotional poster for the classic rock band's March 15, 1966 performance in London. The psychedelic style artwork is enhanced by a classic version of the Pink Floyd logo...
Pink Floyd
This women's grey vintage Pink Floyd concert dolman tshirt is from the Progressive Rock band's US 1972 tour supporting their upcoming release of Dark Side of the Moon. Made from a polyester, cotton and rayon tri-blend and created with...
Pink Floyd
Our women's vintage Pink Floyd tank top concert tshirt spotlights the June 28, 1973 Pembroke Pines concert ticket artwork. Performed to promote Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd's eighth studio album, this concert was part of the second leg of the Dark...